Monday, October 29, 2007

Short Job Vacancies info In Qatar Petroleum

Do you looking for new job with great pay and great also accommodation? If you are people who looking jobs at the moment and eligible to fill to many vacancies that Qatar Petroleum offered, why not try to apply and change your life right now, because QP offering well everything for your self and family to live more survive, they will give you full accommodation, many benefits, insurance, allowance, free school fee for your children.
Many position you can fill it as well as your background education and skill such as a following below:
  1. Administration and Clerical
  2. Advertised Jobs
  3. Amwaj Catering Services Company
  4. Business Analysis and Planning
  5. Civil/ Building Engineering
  6. Common Cooling Seawater Project
  7. Contracts
  8. Document Control
  9. Drilling
  10. Dukhan Community Services
  11. Education and Training
  12. Electrical
  13. Engineering Business
  14. Engineering
  15. Exploration
  16. Field Support
  17. Finance and Accounting
  18. Gas Processing and Utilization
  19. General Services
  20. Health; Safety and Environment
  21. Human Resources
  22. Industrial Planning and Development
  23. Information Technology
  24. Inspections Services
  25. Instrument
  26. Insurance
  27. Internal Audit
  28. Legal
  29. Maintenance
  30. Major Projects Engineering
  31. Marine; Port and Terminal Operations
  32. Marine
  33. Marketing
  34. Medical
  35. Mesaieed Industrial City
  36. Offshore Engineering
  37. Oil and Gas Surface Development
  38. Oil and Gas Ventures Technical Services
  39. Oil Refinery
  40. Onshore Engineering
  41. Oryx Gas To Liquids Limited (QSC)
  42. Petrochemical Projects
  43. Planning Council
  44. Port
  45. Production Operations
  46. Project Evaluation and Planning
  47. Public Relations
  48. Purchasing and Materials
  49. Qatar Fuel Additives Company Limited (QAFAC)
  50. QPPC (Petrochemical)
  51. Quality & Management Systems
  52. Ras Laffan Industrial City
  53. Refining Projects
  54. Reservoir and Field Development
  55. Safety and Fire
  56. SAP
  57. Security
  58. Site Services
  59. Technical Services
  60. Telecommunications
Please visit to Qatar Jobs Vacancies for apply Online

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nursing Job Info In Kuwait

Kuwait is small country in Middle East which have rich of Oil resources. Today Kuwait is growing up to build in many sectors field, but Kuwait can not fill all the position by their Kuwaiti people, make Kuwait employees is shortage so that's way Kuwait Government need more employees to be fill in many job order from many country such as Asian, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, India, Philippine, Indonesia, Syria, and other gulf country.

Kuwait also shortage of Nurses Employees, they can not provide their local nurses, doctors, and others to be fill in all Health Care Provider such as Hospitals, Clinics. Today Kuwait have been improvement their health sectors to provide health care program services to all community in Kuwait, indeed they build many new private hospitals. It's mean that Kuwait need more Nurses, doctors, Laboratory technician, X-Ray technician and so on.

Ministry of Health (MOH) Kuwait also still need more Nurses and Doctor to replacement employees who have been resigned from Kuwait as many reason. It's chance for new nurses and doctor will be fill in many Hospital and clinics.

If you are eligible, capable and skilled, you can join and come as a participate to do local examination with local application addresses to Ministry Of Health Kuwait, but sometimes the Ministry of Health come to many country to perform recruitment through by local agency, so I suppose you to contact your local agency, or you can visit this Agency Of Nursing.

Nurses requirement that MOH required as a following are:
  1. You have be completed your experience minimum 2 years.
  2. You have be qualified and certified as your Nursing Background.
  3. You have to Understanding English and Arabic, but if you can not speak Arabic it,s no matter, but at least you can speak English well, because they will teach Arabic language when you already work in Kuwait.
  4. Sure you must be pass the Exam.

  1. They will arrange of your full accommodation .
  2. They will provide transportation for your duty.
  3. They will give you Health Insurance.
  4. They will give your annual live yearly between 30-45 days, depend on your leave available balance.
  5. They will give you Emergency leave for 2 weeks.
  6. They will offering salary between 280 - 500 dinar, depend on your background education level, experiences and specialist hospital area, if you are diploma you will earn between 280 - 400 dinar, if you are Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) you will earn more between 400 - 500 dinar more. ( 1 Kuwait dinar = 3.5 dollar).
  7. If you still need information you can contact me and addresses to my email Here in
Good luck, try to join with MOH, bring your career and future to be useful and success.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Welcome To My Career and Job Information

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For company who want help to my site and want to put your vacancies in my site i will very thankful, so your info will be generate to my Internet user who looking for job and you will be get employee as you need. I would like to promote your company to many countries it is mean that your company will be known by many countries in the world.

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